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Before You Go

Stash your stuff properly for a trouble-free trip.

If you’re pulling a trailer, odds are you also will be bringing gear, and that means you’ll need to stow it somewhere for the trip. If you're towing a fifth-wheel, the coupler takes up most of the space in the cargo bed, so you won’t get much in there. Of course, the cab is full of people so that leaves only one place: the trailer.

Whether it is a conventional, fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer, fall back on the rule of thumb for loading your trailer. Load the front of the trailer first, placing 60 percent of the weight forward of the front axle, with the weight evenly distributed side to side. Stow all gear as low as possible in the trailer, which in the case of a fifth-wheel camper, means not in the forward berth above the hitch. If you have the room and enough storage areas, stash your gear in the trailer’s compartments, which have been designed to remain closed while you’re towing.



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